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Affiliate Directory
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Andrea Zabski Real Estate

DR Andrea Volinsky
Email: skisky100@comcast.net
7 Tewksbury Road
Cornish, NH 03745
   Phone : (603)542-9383
   Fax : (603)542-9383
   Email :
   URL: http://www.

Bayley Associates

DR Robert Bailey
Email: rbailey@bayleyassociates.com
PO Box 177
Etna , NH 03750
   Phone : (603)643-6380
   Fax : (603)643-4530
   Email : rbailey@bayleyassociates.com
   URL: http://www.bayleyassociates.com

Bean Group

R Linda White
Email: linda.white@beangroup.com

PO Box 245
Norwich, NH 05055
   Phone : (802)649-8900
   Fax : (802)649-8909
   Email : linda.white@beangroup.com

Better Homes & Gardens/ the Masiello Gro

DR Edward Ridolfi

Email: edridolfi@masiello.com

R Hal Sheeler
Direct Line: 398-2151
Email: hsheeler@gmail.com
3 Lebanon St. Suite 6
Lebanon, NH03755
   Phone : 603-653-8490
   Fax :
   Email : edridolfi@masiello.com
   URL: http://www.

Better Homes & Gardens/The Masiello Group

DR David Millett
Email: dmillett@masiello.com

R Wendy Ayotte
Email: wendyayotte@masiello.com

R Elizabeth A. Jarman
Email: elizabethjarman@masiello.com

R Sheila Knox Cheney
Email: scheney@masiello.com

R Trevor Knight
Email: trevor.g.knight@gmail.com

R Amy Liu
Email: amy.liu@masiello.com

R RobinLee Osgood
Email: roblee13@comcast.net

436 Amherst Street
Nashua, NH 03063
   Phone : (603) 889-7600
   Fax : (603) 889-6938
   Email :

Big Green Real Estate

DR William “Star” Johnson
Email: star@biggreenre.com

R Armando Roberto, Jr.
Email: joe@biggreenre.com

15 Buck Road
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-3942
   Fax : (603)619-8489
   Email :

Boxer Property Management, LLC
DR Jerry Rich
Email: boxerproperty@live.com
P.O. Box 5463
Lebanon, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)448-8808
   Fax : (802)280-8800
   Email : boxerproperty@live.com

Brick and Barn Real Estate Group
DR Gail Childs
Email: gail@brickandbarngroup.com

R Terry Boone
Email: terry@brickandbarngroup.com

R Risa Mornis
Email: risa@brickandbarngroup.com

R Susan Ricker
Email: sue@brickandbarngroup.com

R Jim Shibles
Email: alaview@sover.net

R Wayne Tullar
Email: wayne@brickandbarngroup.com

R Delia Wallace
Email: delia.wallace@gmail.com

Susan Ricker
Email: sue@brickandbarngroup.com
1171 Murphy Road P.O. Box 385
Quechee, VT05059
   Phone : 802-295-7525
   Fax :
   Email :
   URL: http://www.

C. G. Shepherd Realty, LLC

DR Carol Shepherd
Email: carol@sheprealty.com

R Shelbie Clukey
Email: shelbie@sheprealty.com

R Shenia Covey
Email: shenia@sheprealty.com

R Christine Engert
Email: christine@sheprealty.com

R Debra Hammett
Email: deb@sheprealty.com

R Sarah Luhmann
Email: sarah@sheprealty.com

R Karen Moulton
Home Phone: (603) 863-5760
Email: karen@sheprealty.com

R Charles Rogers
Email: charlie@sheprealty.com

R Max Shepherd
Email: max@sheprealty.com

R Doreen Strew
Email: doreen@sheprealty.com

R Wendie Wright
Email: wendie@sheprealty.com

PO Box 792
Grantham, NH 03753
   Phone : (603)863-2809
   Fax : (603)863-1226
   Email :
   URL: http://www.sheprealty.com

Century 21 Cardinal

DR Richard Cardinal
Email: wurlmachine@aol.com

R David Aughey
Email: davida84@hotmail.com

R Keith Bakaian
Email: kbakaian@aol.com

R James Banow
Email: jbanow6349@aol.com

R John Bishop
Email: john.bishop@century21.com

R Luciana Bishop
Email: Luciana.bishop@century21.com

R Anda Brandus
Email: anda.brandus@century21.com

R Dorinda Bridges
Email: dorinda.f.realestate@gmail.com

William Brown
Email: realestatebill31@yahoo.com

R Curtis Carmichael
Email: realestate@curtiscarmichael.com

R Liliana Colburn
Email: urhomelc@yahoo.com

R Holly Countie
Email: hollycountie@gmail.com

R Kenneth Dobson
Email: kdobsonreagent@gmail.com

R Andrew Doyle
Email: adoyle1237@gmail.com

R Laurie Forman
Email: laurieforman9@gmail.com

R Shaun Hanson
Email: shaunhanson1986@gmail.com

R Jay Hardy
Email: jayhcen21@gmail.com

R Judith Hill
Email: judy.hillnh@yahoo.com

Daniel Ladouceur
Email: danielladouceur@realtor.com

R Tina Lisa
Email: tina_lisa@comcast.net

R Christine MacNeil
Email: cmacneil1210@gmail.com

R David Mazerall
Email: dmmazerall@gmail.com

R William Moseley
Email: moseleywj@gmail.com

R Anita Poulin
Email: anitacfl@comcast.net

R Theresa Puksta
Email: tpuksta@comcast.net

R Corinne Shea
Email: corlavoie1@aol.com

R Sarah Szczawinski
Email: sarahsells21@hotmail.com

Robert Sousa
Email: robsousa@hotmail.com

Susan Taddeo
Email: susant.c21@gmail.com

Martin Tymowicz
Email: martin.tymowicz@century21.com

James York
Email: jyorknh@gmail.com
381 Main Street, Suite 1
Nashua, NH03060
   Phone : 603-889-3233
   Fax : 603-882-4474
   Email :
   URL: http://www.

Century 21 Shepard and Flint Realty

DR April Shepard
Email: rashepard5@yahoo.com

R David Flint
Email: dflintc21@yahoo.com

R Theresa Sherman
Email: tshermanc21@yahoo.com

R Lindsay Walkinshaw
Email: lindsaywalkinshaw@gmail.com

4 Main Street
Newport, NH 03773
   Phone : (603)863-2200
   Fax : (603)863-2262
   Email :

Coldwell Banker Lifestyles

DR Ned Redpath
Direct Line: (603) 643-6406
Email: ned@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Sandra Allen
Direct Line: (603) 643-1884
Home Phone: (603) 643-4234
Car Phone: (603) 448-7698
Email: sandy@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Jeffrey H. Batchelder
Phone: (603) 667-5053
Email: jeff@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Gabbie Black
Email: gabbie@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Alisa Brisson
Direct Line: (603) 640-2601
Email: alisa@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Nan Carroll
Direct Line: (603) 643-9494
Email: ncarroll@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Rowan Carroll
Direct Line: (603) 643-6406
Email: rowan@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Kirsten Elin
Email: kirsten@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Mariruth Galbraith
Email: mariruth@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Charlene E. Gaudette
Direct Line: (603) 643-9404
Email: charlene@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Emily Goss
Direct Line: (603) 643-6406
Email: emily@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Susan B. Green
Direct Line: (603) 643-1885
Email: susan@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Pat Greene
Direct Line: (603) 643-9395
Email: pat@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Jennifer Jones
Email: Jennifer.a.jones@dartmouth.edu

R Jill Axtell Harlow
Email: jill@cblifestylesre.com

R Lindsay Knittle
Email: Lindsay@cblifestylesre.com

R Shane MacDonald
Direct Line: (603) 643-6406
Email: shane@cblifestylesre.com

R Liam McCarthy
Direct Line: (603) 643-9392
Email: liam@CBLifestylesRE.com

R John P. Nelson
Direct Line: (603) 643-9397
Email: jnelson@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Amy Redpath
Direct Line: (603) 643-9405
Email: amy@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Heidi Reiss
Direct Line: (603) 643-1889
Email: heidi@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Heidi Ruth
Direct Line: (603) 643-6406
Email: heide@shelley-co.com

R Sally H. Rutter
Direct Line: (603) 643-1893
Email: sally@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Catherine Sartor
Email: cathy@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Paula Small
Direct Line: (603) 643-9396
Email: paula@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Jennifer Snyder
Direct Line: (603) 643-1891
Email: jennifer@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Megan Tenney
Email: meg@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Wynne Washburn
Email: wynne@CBLifestylesRE.com

R Sam Westelman
Direct Line: (603) 643-9498
Email: sam@shelley-co.com

8 W. Wheelock Street
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-6406
   Fax : (603)643-1887
   Email : ned@cblifestylesre.com
   URL: http://www.cblifestylesre.com

Coldwell Banker Lifestyles

Email: deeannere@gmail.com

Email: tish@cblifestylesre.com

18 Pioneer Point
Grantham, NH 03753
   Phone : (603) 617-4440
   Fax : (603) 863-7132
   Email :

Dave Walthour Real Estate

DR Dave Walthour

Email: thebrokerdave@gmail.com
1070 NH Route 4A
Enfield, NH03748
   Phone : 603-254-4052
   Fax :
   Email : thebrokerdave@gmail.com
   URL: http://www.

Dennis Murphy Real Estate

DR Dennis Murphy
Email: dennismurphyre@gmail.com

107 School Street
Fairlee, VT 05045
   Phone : (802)333-9848
   Fax :
   Email : dennismurphyre@gmail.com

Four Seasons Sotheby's Intl Realty

DR Alan DiStasio
Email: alan.distasio@fourseasonssir.com

R Leah McLaughry
Email: leah.mclaughry@fourseasonssir.com

R Marcus Ratliff
Email: marcus.ratliff@fourseasonssir.com

R Robert Seidler
Email: bob.seidler@fourseasonssir.com

R Lori Shipulski
Email: lori.shipulski@fourseasonssir.com

R Nancy E. Snyder
Home Phone: (603) 795-2904
Car Phone: (603) 443-2689
Email: nancy.snyder@fourseasonssir.com

17 ˝ Lebanon Street
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-6070
   Fax : (603)676-7595
   Email : alan.distasio@sothebysrealty.com
   URL: http://www.sothebysrealty.com

Four Seasons Sotheby's Intl Realty

R Richard Higgerson
Email: rick.higgerson@fourseasonssir.com

R Judith Cashman
Home Phone: (603) 643-8257
Voice Mail (603) 443-5019
Email: judy.cashman@fourseasonssir.com

R Annette HartleyA
Email: annette.hartley@fourseasonssir.com

32 Main Street
Hanover , NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-6400
   Fax : (603)643-6067
   Email :
   URL: http://www.fourseasonssir.com

Four Seasons Sotheby's Intl Realty

DR Bruce McLaughry
Email: buff@fourseasonssir.com

R Charlene Ashey
Email: charlene.ashey@fourseasonssir.com Home Phone: (603) 448-1823
Cell Phone: (603) 381-4823
Voice Mail: (603) 443-5009

R Patricia Balbirnie
Email: patty.balbirnie@fourseasonssir.com

R Kate Cassidy
Email: kate.cassidy@fourseasonssir.com

R Richard DuMez
Email: dick.dumez@fourseasonssir.com

R Xenia Heaton
Email: xenia.heaton@fourseasonssir.com

R Jonathan Merrill
Email: jon.merrill@fourseasonssir.com

R Al Michalovic
Email: al.michalovic@fourseasonssir.com

R Melissa Robinson
Email: melissa.robinson@fourseasonssir.com

R Leila Tarantelli
Email: leila.tarantelli@fourseasonsir.com

8 Glen Road - Box 34
West Lebanon, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)298-5155
   Fax : (603)298-7019
   Email :

Four Seasons Sotheby's Intl Realty

DR Dale Bromley
Email: dale.bromley@fourseasonssir.com

R Gail Bromley
Email: gail.bromley@fourseasonssir.com

R Chuck Clifford
Email: chuck.clifford@fourseasonssir.com

R Marin Haney
Email: marin.haney@fourseasonssir.com

R Penny Loschiavo
Email: penny.loschiavo@fourseasonssir.com

103 Route 5 North
Fairlee, VT05045-9701
   Phone : (802) 333-4701
   Fax : (802) 333-4705
   Email : dale.bromley@sothebysrealty.com
   URL: http://www.fourseasonssir.com

Granite Northland Associates

DR Doreen Wyman
Email: doreenwyman@granitenorthland.com

R Michele Cheney
Email: shellycheney@yahoo.com

R Bonnie Edge
Email: bedge1granitenorthland@gmail.com

PO Box 355
Canaan, NH 03741
   Phone : (603)523-7200
   Fax : 603)523-9994
   Email : office@granitenorthland.com
   URL: http://www.granitenorthland.com

Granite-Northland Associates

DR Donald Wyman
Email: donwyman@granitenorthland.com
PO Box 163
Enfield , NH03748
   Phone : (603)632-5567
   Fax : (603)632-5568
   Email : office@granitenorthland.com
   URL: http://www.granitenorthland.com

Housing Solutions RE Exclusive Seller Br
Principal Broker - Matt McIntyre
Email: matt@hs-re.com
Hanover Road Professional Center, 367 Route 120, Unit B-7
Hanover, NH03766
   Phone : 603-643-4812
   Fax :
   Email : info@hs-re.com

Housing Solutions Real Estate

DR Carol Robert
Email: carol@hs-re.com

R Hannah Holbrook
Email: Hannah@hs-re.com

R Penny Klotz
Email: penny@hs-re.com

R Lynne M. LaBombard, GRI
Email: lynne@hs-re.com

R Kathleen A. Peterson
Email: Kathy.a.peterson@gmail.com

Hanover Road Professional Center, 367 Route 120, Unit B-7
Hanover, NH 03766
   Phone : (603)643-4800
   Fax : (603)643-4811
   Email : info@hs-re.com
   URL: http://www.hs-re.com

J.D. Farrow Associates, LLC
REALTOR John D. Farrow Email: jdfarrow1@gmail.com
22 Post Pond Lane
Lyme, NH 03768
   Phone : 603-727-2230
   Fax :
   Email : jdfarrow1@gmail.com

James Bouchard, REALTOR®

DR James K. Bouchard
Email: jim@bouch.com
51 Wellington Circle
Lebanon , NH 03766
   Phone : (603)448-2297
   Fax :
   Email : jim@bouch.com

KCC Properties Realty, Inc.

DR Jolin Salazar-Kish
Email: jolin@kccproperties.com
8 Currier Place
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-5966
   Fax : (603)643-4904
   Email : jolin@kccproperties.com
   URL: http://www.

Lebanon Property Management, Inc.

DR Amy I. Margolis
Email: amy@lebanonpropertymanagement.com
18 Bank Street
Lebanon, NH03766
   Phone : (603)448-3524
   Fax : (603)448-0531
   Email : amy@lebanonpropertymanagement.com
   URL: http://www.lebanonpropertymanagement.com

LindeMac Real Estate

DR Linde McNamara
Email: linde@lindemac.com

R Denise Dame
Email: denisedame@lindemac.com

R Barbara Heyl

R John McNamara
Email: johnmacpu@gmail.com
PO Box 5244
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-4900
   Fax : (603)643-4911
   Email :

Lyman Realty Inc.

DR Heidi DeBrino
Email: hilyman@together.net

R Paul Kidder
Email: plkidder@charter.net
163 Central Street
Woodsville, NH 03785
   Phone : (603)747-2796
   Fax : (603)747-2797
   Email :

Martha E. Diebold Real Estate

DR Susanne Pacilio
Email: spacilio@marthadiebold.com

R Jane B. Darrach
Home Phone: (603) 448-3328
Email: jdarrach@marthadiebold.com

PO Box 30
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-4200
   Fax : (603)643-4270
   Email :
   URL: http://www.marthadiebold.com

Martha E. Diebold Real Estate

DR Martha E. Diebold
Email: mdiebold@marthadiebold.com

R Bonnie Bergeron
Email: bbergeron@marthadiebold.com

R Jane Eakin
Email: jeakin@marthadiebold.com

R Jo Ann Riemer
Email: jriemer@marthadiebold.com
PO Box 1
Lyme , NH 03768
   Phone : (603)795-4816
   Fax : (603)795-4222
   Email : mdiebold@marthadiebold.com
   URL: http://www.marthadiebold.com

Moose Mountain Realty

DR Anthony E. Lozeau
Email: tony.lozeau@moosemountainrealty.com

R Kerrie Roy
Email: Kerrie.Roy@moosemountainrealty.com

PO Box 898
Enfield , NH 03748
   Phone : (603)632-9000
   Fax : (603)632-9188
   Email : tony.lozeau@moosemountainrealty.com
   URL: http://www.moosemountainrealty.com

Newton Realty

DR Kim LeFevre
Email: kim.newtonrealty@gmail.com
1561-C Route 5 South
Fairlee, VT 05045
   Phone : (802)333-3133
   Fax : (802)333-3133
   Email : kim.newtonrealty@gmail.com
   URL: http://www.newtonrealtyvtnh.com

Northeast Commercial Realty

DR Bukk G. Carleton, III
Email: bgc@valley.net

R Kelly-Sue Caron
Email: kscaron@yahoo.com
21 Technology Dr., Ste. 6
West Lebanon, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)298-9999
   Fax : (603)298-5065
   Email : bgc@valley.net

Patrick E. Flanagan Real Estate

DR Patrick E. Flanagan
Email: patrick@flanaganre.com
32 Main Street
West Lebanon, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)298-7670
   Fax : (603)298-7769
   Email : patrick@flanaganre.com


DR Cheryl Herrmann
Email: Cheryl.L.Herrmann@gmail.com

PO Box 321
Norwich , VT 05055
   Phone : (802)649-1333
   Fax : (802)649-5441
   Email : Cheryl.L.Herrmann@gmail.com
   URL: http://www.remaxgroupone.com

RE/MAX Properties - Nashua

DR Rick Stoudt

Email: rstoudt@nhhomes.com

R Charlotte Mohler

Email: info@charlottemohler.com

169 D.W. Hwy
Nashua, NH03060
   Phone : 589-8800
   Fax : 589-8877
   Email : rstoudt@nhhomes.com
   URL: http://www.

RE/MAX Upper Valley Partners

DR Gerry Stark
Email: gerry@uvmaxre.com

R Richard Atherley
Email: richard@uvmaxre.com

R Jeff Flynn
Email: jeff@uvmaxre.com

R Lisa Hitchcock
Email: lisa@uvmaxre.com

R Deborah Roberts
Email: deb@uvmaxre.com

Erika Smith
Email: Erika@uvmaxre.com

120 South Main Street
West Lebanon, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)298-8900
   Fax : (603)298-8150
   Email :
   URL: http://www.uvmaxre.com

Real Property Options

DR Alan Croteau
Email: alanmcroteau@gmail.com

R Eric Schultz
Email: eschultzre@yahoo.com

R Heather St. Amanda
Email: hstamand2011@gmail.com
21 Pleasant Street, Box 6
Claremont, NH 03743
   Phone : (603) 372-2306
   Fax :
   Email :

Roger Clarkson, REALTOR®

DR Roger Clarkson
Email: roger@rogerclarkson.com

R Colby Clarkson
Email: colby@rogerclarkson.com
PO Box 5001
Hanover , NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-6004
   Fax : (603)643-0093
   Email : roger@rogerclarkson.com

Roger J. Roberts Real Estate
DR Roger "Peter" Roberts, Jr.
Email: peter@rogerrobertsrealestate.com

R Linda Kane
Email: lindaar@rogerrobertsrealestate

6 South Street
Lebanon, NH03766
   Phone : 603-448-4005
   Fax :
   Email :
   URL: http://www.

Shaker Mountain Real Estate

DR Kevin O’Reilly
Email: kevin051@yahoo.com

R James Kelleher
Email: gsrotor@aol.com
21 Nancy’s Way
Enfield, NH 03748
   Phone : (603)252-0416
   Fax :
   Email : shakermountainre@cma.com

Snyder Donegan Real Estate Group

DR David Donegan
Email: david.donegan@snyderdonegan.com
23 South Main Street
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603) 643-0599
   Fax :
   Email : david.donegan@snyderdonegan.com

Staggs-Warren Associates

DR William A. Warren, GRI
Email: bill.warren@staggs-warren.com
PO Box 640
Enfield, NH 03784
   Phone : (603)632-5525
   Fax : (603)632-4311
   Email : info@staggs-warren.com
   URL: http://www.staggs-warren.com

Susan Cole Realty Group, LLC

DR Susan Cole Email: susan@susancolerealty.com

R Princess Goldey
Email: princess.goldey@gmail.com

R Rose Smith
Email: office@susancolerealty.com
162 Mechanic Street, Suite 1
Lebanon, NH 03766
   Phone : 6034484500
   Fax : 6033815522
   Email :

Sylvia Rogers Real Estate Appraisal

DR Sylvia Rogers
Email: sylviarogers@myfairpoint.net
PO Box 115
White River Junction, VT 05001
   Phone : (802)295-5353
   Fax : (802)295-5311
   Email : sylviarogers@myfairpoint.net

The Greens at Hanover R.E. Brokerage

DR Lauren Young Email: lauren@thegreensathanover.com

53 Lyme Road
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603)643-5512
   Fax : (603)643-3725
   Email : lauren@thegreensathanover.com

Vanessa Stone Real Estate, LLC

DR Vanessa Stone
Email: Vanessa@vanessastonere.com

R Jill Buckwold
Email: jill@vanessastonere.com

R Casey Cantlin
Email: casey@vanessastonere.com

R Yarrow Farnsworth
Email: yarrow@vanessastonere.com
R Gordon Gooch
Email: Gordon@vanessastonere.com
R Ann Hess
Email: ann@hesspropertyservices.com

R Frederick G. Lane
Email: fred@vanessastonere.com

R Sandra Lusona
Email: sandy@vanessastonere.com

R Sam Vidal
Email: sam@vanessastonere.com

468-7 US Rte 4
Enfield, NH 03748
   Phone : (603)632-5757
   Fax : (603)632-5727
   Email :
   URL: http://www.vanessastonere.com

Vanessa Stone Real Estate, LLC

DR Mary Chamberlin
Email: mary@vanessastonere.com

R Ray Morin
Email: ray@vanessastonere.com

195 Mechanic Street
Lebanon, NH 03766
   Phone : (603)727-9153
   Fax :
   Email :

Williamson Group Sotheby's Int., Realty
DR Laird Bradley
24 Elm Street
Woodstock, VT 05091
   Phone : 802-457-2000
   Fax : 802-457-2761
   Email : laird.bradley@sothebysrealty.com

Woodard Associates

DR Michael Woodard
Email: mikewoodard@woodardassociates.com

R Cheryl Zindulka
Email: Cheryl@woodardassociates.com

71 Lyme Road Ste. 2
Hanover, NH 03755
   Phone : (603) 643-1508
   Fax : (603) 643-6236
   Email :
   URL: http://www.woodardassociates.com

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